In 2014, artist and curator Hanna Wildow received a grant to manifest a project that explored the myriad ways certain humans speak to one another, the different forms of dialogue, conversation and interchange particular spaces make possible––and the silences those same spaces sometimes guarantee. The project became c.along and the contribution I made was to generate a night of falling. Sleep IS/AS Falling is a movement and writing experience that culminates in the gathered group falling asleep together, exploring modes of intimacy that night can sometimes shelter. What follows is Hanna's thought provocation to me, the invitation letter that generated my thinking, and then the words that thinking formed into response.


c.along's remarkable methodology was to allow the invited interlocutor to invite a number of participants and then encourage those participants to each invite another guest. The group that gathered in September, 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden received the following invitation.


Not wanting to inhibit anyone's participation with documentation, it was decided that a single camera would be mounted on a tripod in the corner of the space that the group would share that night. All other devices and photographic possibilities were put to sleep outside the room we fell in. At any point during the night, participants were able to take a picture with the camera in the corner, although few did. Before the guests arrived, we decorated the room to encourage the possibility of falls of many kinds. This is what Sleep IS/AS Falling looked it like before it began, as taken from that corner.


And this is what it looked like at some point in the morning when night no longer cloaked us.

The opportunity to think together and with our whole bodies about night and discourse and space and silence and falling is one that continues to generate possibilities and for this I am forever grateful.